The Journey Begins

To understand who we are can simply be explained into one childhood memory both my husband and I share; we were constantly told to control our Wandering Minds.

We have spent our lives laughing while looking back at this notion because it is our greatest strength not a weakness.  Most of those I admire most also share this amazing quality.  For we are unable to see the world the same way many do.  We see the world in all its wonder, awe and full of endless opportunities.  Its beauty calls us in and most often we find ourselves fearlessly taking another giant leap of faith into the unknown.

We have stumbled and have been humbled at times and we have shared wild success too.  Through it all, what matters most is that we have each other, and the lessons learned.

Together we have 5 boys ages 4-21, they are the real magic.  Beyond any obligatory jokes, consider what a gift it was having a 14-year age gap.  We love every moment; we were given the unique chance to do it all over again. Wow!  Working on the rewrite this time around, we are just a little bit wiser.

We hold two truths; Memories are the only true possession we have.  Second, the only thing with true value we will pass down to our sons is a legacy built on strong character and unconditional love.  We hold these truths firmly now because for a long time our priorities were blurry. Like so many of us today, we wasted years chasing success, accumulating toys, running the great race.

Now that our 3 older boys have each flown away from our nest.  It has opened up the next chapter in our lives.  We spent the last year taking a painful sabbatical.

We are no strangers to the nomad lifestyle. Bryan has spent 3 decades traveling with his State Fair concession businesses & I, since I said, “I do”, even our Caboose was born into it while traveling.  So, as we weighed our options it was simple. Do we continue to conform to the American norms or at least our version which is that I travel part-time with the littles then heartbreakingly wait for Daddy to come back home off the road months later? Or do we take another crazy jump into the unknown.  Our answer will always be: JUMP!

With that we have made the decision to travel full time to World School our younger children. We are forfeiting many creature comforts to live life on the road to all be together.  We are selling our cherished home.  We have already sold off or donated most of our belongings.

Our hopes for our adventures will allow the world to be their school, not their world to be in school. It is important to us to feed their Wandering Minds.  Giving them a firsthand look at how life really works, to slow down and discover their unique passions, to see how beautiful curiosity can be, the sounds of a new city, the taste of local foods where ever that may be.  Most of all, to live compassionately because the unique opportunity and experiences they will have meeting so many different walks of life and the impact that will be forever forged on their hearts.

We will be sharing our adventures here.  We hope you will enjoy following along with us.  Who knows how our journey will unfold? But we are ready to begin, at this stage in our lives if we mastered anything, it is to let go and just enjoy the ride.

Jennie & Bryan Enloe